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Supplements for dogs

Complete supplements with optimal nutrient contents for needs-based supply are in vogue. The special thing about napfcheck Organics, for example, are the many organic compounds, above all calcium citrate, magnesium fumarate, organically bound copper and […]


Vitamins for dogs

Vitamins provide your dog with the daily need for vitamins (according to the recommendations of the National Research Council (NRC) for adult dogs). They serve to support the metabolism, the nervous system, skin and coat […]


Probiotics for dogs – The new trend?

Build up intestinal flora in the dog? Why is a healthy intestinal flora important? Probiotics for dogs can of course help here. Scientific studies show effects that can also help with a so-called intestinal rehabilitation […]


Feed your dog right

You have a dog and are looking for a nutrition specialist? Go napfcheck. These experts are specialized on dog nutrition.